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Save Arabella is a quest available in the Emerald Grove, begun when nearing the Sacred Pool. Kagha, acting leader of the druids, is holding a tiefling child captive. Her parents would like you to make sure she's okay.

Arabella could use a hand.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find Arabella.
    • We learned that a child named Arabella is being held by the druids on charges of theft. We should check on her.
  • Save Arabella.
    • We found Arabella in the druid's lair. She's being judged by Kagha, the leader of the druids, and is clearly in trouble.
  • Return to Arabella's Parents.
    • Intevene: We managed to save Arabella, who immediately ran to her parents.
      • Arabella is safe - her parents are grateful for our intervention.
    • Do nothing: Kagha's snake killed Arabella. Her parent's should be informed.
      • Tell the truth: We told Arabella's parents what happened. They were devastated.
      • Tell a lie: We lied and told Arabella's parents that she was fine. They'll learn the bad news eventually - but not from us.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As you approach the Druid's Chambers, you'll see a group of tiefling refugees arguing with the druids inside. Komira and Locke will ask you to head into the Chambers and check on their daughter Arabella. Arabella was caught attempting to steal an idol, a component in a magical ritual the druids were planning to use to seal off the Grove from outsiders.

The druids at the gate will initially try to stop you, but will soon relent and let you through. Enter the Chambers and you'll find Arabella standing in judgement in front of Kagha, some other druids... and Kagha's restless, venomous snake Teela. You can sit back and do nothing, in which Kagha's snake will kill Arabella. Or you can ready yourself to attack, though this will mean starting a large-scale fight between the druids and the tieflings (Rath will fight on the side of the tieflings).

If you'd rather avoid both the death of a child and starting a fight between all the druids and the refugees, one can attempt to reason with Kagha:

  • With a Nature Check (DC 12).
  • With a Persuasion Check (DC 12).
  • By probing her mind with the Detect Thoughts spell.
  • Barbarians can roll Intimidation (DC 15).
  • Bards, Paladins, and Monks get unique Persuasion options.
    • Bards can quote Silvanus (DC 15).
    • Paladins can offer to act as judges (DC 10), in turn letting them set Arabella free.
    • Monks can attempt to convince Kagha she's acting rashly (DC 10, rolled with Advantage).
  • If Speak with Animals is active, one can instead attempt to reason with the snake, but this will only be successful if the player is a Druid.

If the Check is failed, all is not yet lost. You'll have another chance to attempt to convince Kagha to see reason:

  • A passive DC 5 Nature Check will be rolled; if successful, it will unlock a dialogue option to point out the snake is poised to kill.
  • You can attempt a Persuasion or Intimidation Check (DC 10, rolled with Advantage).
    • If you're presenting as a tiefling, the Persuasion Check (but not the Intimidation Check) will be raised to DC 15.
  • You get another chance to choose to attack.

Assuming you were successful in any of these Checks, Arabella will be saved. Otherwise, the snake kills Arabella just as before. Whatever the outcome, you'll be asked you to report to her parents to wrap up the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Consequences[edit | edit source]

If you successfully resolve Save the Refugees for the tieflings, Arabella's fate will have some potentially dire consequences for Kagha:

  • When Halsin returns to the Grove, Kagha will find herself stripped of her title and demoted to novice if Arabella was saved. If Arabella died, Halsin will be less lenient, exiling her from the Grove.
  • If Arabella dies, Arabella's parents will confront Kagha over their daughter's death during the celebration party. A few lines in, Komira will reveal they've spiked Kagha's wine with a paralysis poison. As Kagha falls to the floor, Komira will go to execute her and avenge her daughter. A Persuasion Check can convince her to stop, or she can be allowed to go ahead with the execution.

If Arabella was saved and the roads were cleared for the tieflings, Arabella can be found in Act Two, granting you the quest "Find Arabella's Parents".