Save Arabella

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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find Arabella.
    • We learned that a child named Arabella is being held by the druids on charges of theft. We should check on her.
  • Save Arabella.
    • We found Arabella in the druid's lair. She's being judged by Kagha, the leader of the druids, and is clearly in trouble.
  • Return to Arabella's Parents.
    • Intevene: We managed to save Arabella, who immediately ran to her parents.
      • Arabella is safe - her parents are grateful for our intervention.
    • Do nothing: Kagha's snake killed Arabella. Her parent's should be informed.
      • Tell the truth: We told Arabella's parents what happened. They were devastated.
      • Tell a lie: We lied and told Arabella's parents that she was fine. They'll learn the bad news eventually - but not from us.

Quest’s Rewards[edit | edit source]