Save the Goblin Sazza

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Sazza has been captured by the tieflings.

Save the Goblin Sazza is a quest in Act One. It is initiated by going to the Druid Grove prison and intervening during the confrontation between Arka and Sazza.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Free Sazza.
  • The goblin Sazza is a prisoner in the grove. She's promise us an introduction to her tribe and their powerful healer - if we break her out.
Escort Sazza out of the grove.
  • We broke Sazza out. Now for the hard part - getting her out of the grove.
Reach the Goblin Camp.
  • We got out of the grove in one piece. Sazza told us to meet her at the goblin camp.
Speak to Sazza and the drow.
  • Thanks to Sazza, we made it to the camp. She told us to meet her further inside, where she'll introduce us to the drow True Soul.
  • We found Sazza talking to the drow. She still owes us information - maybe this drow has it?
Quest Complete
  • Sazza died.
  • Sazza died while trying to escape the grove
  • We didn't free Sazza. Who knows what happened to her?
  • We rescued Sazza but didn't get the information she promised.
  • We never met Sazza at the Goblin Camp.
  • Sazza was thrown into the spider pit and eaten alive.
  • Once again, we saved Sazza. She owes us - big time.
  • Sazza betrayed us, but we convinced Minthara to spare her life. Let's hope she'll remember what we did for her.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When entering the Druid Grove for the first time, Sazza is in cage in the Makeshift Prison (X:189, Y:587). Arka is threatening to shoot her in revenge for the death of her brother, Kanon, while Memnos is trying to talk her down, explaining that Sazza is not the goblin that killed her brother. The party has several options on how to proceed:

  • Shut up. Those words could be your last.
  • Step between the crossbow and the goblin.
  • This- This is wrong, isn't it?
  • [PALADIN] This goblin is in need of judgement. I should decide her fate.
  • Stand back, and admire the guard's overflowing hate.
  • Do nothing.

If the party chooses to stand between Arka and Sazza, Arka tells them to get out of the way:

  • What would Kanon think of you now?
  • [INTIMIDATION] Lower the crossbow, or I'll deliver you right to your brother. (DC 10)
  • [PERSUASION] This won't avenge Kanon. It won't change anything. (DC 10)
  • [BARBARIAN][INTIMIDATION] Take your shot. Go on. (DC 10)
  • [CLERIC][PERSUASION] Killing this goblin won't help you. Let the gods provide comfort. (DC 10)
  • [MONK][INSIGHT] I sense the pain you carry - but killing this creature will not ease your burden. (DC 10)
  • Step out of the way.

If Arka is not successfully persuaded to stop, she shoots Sazza and the quest is not recieved. Otherwise, she walks off and Sazza calls out to the party. Either select Sazza or interact with her cage.

Free Sazza[edit | edit source]

If the player convinces Arka not to kill Sazza, the player can then talk to the goblin who will try to convince them to help her escape. She explains that her goddess, the Absolute, protects her and that the goblins are going to wreck the entire Grove. The party will be spared, if they aid Sazza in returning to her camp. The party can either free Sazza or leave her to her fate.

To free Sazza, a way out of her cage needs to be found. The simplest way is to either attack the cage until it's destroyed, or lockpick it (DC 10).

Escorting Sazza[edit | edit source]

Location of the stone door to help Sazza escape.

Once free, Sazza must be escorted from the Grove. The party can stealthily escape the Grove by jumping on the rocks behind Sazza's cage, then open the stone door. This leads to an underground passage. Note that there is a druid Guardian Statue that continuously attacks the party until they are out of its range.

Further along into the passage is a group of goblins. Warrior Gresh recognizes Sazza and blames her for the failure of the Grove raid. He and his group become hostile and must be defeated to proceed. Follow the path to the stone door at the other end of the passage (X:-422, Y:-236).

Map of Underground Passage.

It is also possible to take Sazza out through the front gate, by passing several Deception or Persuasion checks, or simply slaughtering the tieflings.

Reach the Goblin Camp[edit | edit source]

If Sazza is successfully escorted from the Grove, she leaves while saying she will meet the party again at the Goblin Camp. She can later be found at the wooden bridge near the camp (X:-60, Y:364) where she convinces the guards to allow the party entrance. Continue to the Shattered Sanctum where Sazza will yet again handle the negotiations to allow the party through.

Speak to Sazza and the Drow[edit | edit source]

Once inside the Shattered Sanctum, Sazza can be found talking to Minthara (X:331, Y:43). Sazza explains that the raiders Minthara is after are at the Grove. Minthara is angered that Sazza didn't slaughter the raiders and the Grove and threatens to feed her to her spiders. In an attempt to spare her life, Sazza turns on the party and presents them as prisoners. Minthara knows they are True Souls, though, and is even more determined to feed Sazza to her spiders. The party can either vouch for Sazza, call her an idiot, or just stand by as Sazza is dealt with.

If Sazza is fed to the spiders the player can later intervene once more to save her.

Rewards[edit | edit source]