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Mummy (race)

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Zara the mummy at their stall in the Circus of the Last days

Mummies are a non-playable Undead race in Baldur's Gate 3.

About mummies

Shambling, their bodies clothed with rotted scraps of funereal wrappings, mummies bring their malice with them out of their tombs.

Racial features

Mummies have Darkvision Darkvision and Multiattack: Frightened Multiattack: Frightened (which lets them use multiattack actions on Frightened Frightened enemies). They are also weak to Damage TypesFire damage, but immune to Damage TypesNecrotic and Damage TypesPoison, and resistant to all types of physical damage.

Mummy Lord

The Mummy Lord is a more powerful Mummy who are effectively immortal, unless their heart is destroyed. They lack resistance to physical damage, but also do not have a weakness to fire.

Mummy characters

Mummy enemy variants

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