Travel to Moonrise Towers

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Travel to Moonrise Towers is part of the Main Quest in Chapter One main quest. It can be initiated by talking to Halsin or Minthara, depending on the player's choice and outcome of the quest Save the Refugees, after each branch's respective celebration at the Campsite.

It is divided into two subquests, reflective of the two paths to the Shadow-Cursed Lands:

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

  • Find a way to Moonrise Towers.
    • Halsin said the parasite has been altered by the followers of the Absolute. If we want answers, we need to head to their base at Moonrise Towers.
  • Choose a path to Moonrise Towers.
    • Halsin told us of three ways to get to Moonrise Towers: the Risen Road, a mountain pass, or via tunnels in the Underdark, which start at the temple of Selûne.
  • To be continued at full release.