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Teela is Kagha's snake. She is loyal to Kagha, but may be more willing to listen to reason than her owner. She is encountered in the Emerald Grove when the player first enters, poised to intervene if Arabella struggles or tries to run.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

When the player first enters the Emerald Grove, Teela, Kagha, and Rath will be talking about what to do with Arabella, who was caught trying to steal the Idol of Silvanus. The player can intervene to Save Arabella.

If told to stay at ease by a non-druid character, Teela will answer that she only takes orders from Kagha. She will however listen to a Druid, agreeing that hatchlings can be foolish. She will tell Kagha, "Kagha si nay. Wux geou fulla wer fanol." which will convince Kagha to back down.

Should Arabella struggle or try to run, something she will do if the player doesn't intervene, Teela will give chase and kill Arabella with a bite. After the cutscene is resolved, Teela disappears and can not be interacted with further.

Quests[edit | edit source]