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Sacred Pool

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The Sacred Pool hosts the Idol of Silvanus, and is the heart of the Druid Grove.

The Sacred Pool is a location contained within the Emerald Grove in Act One. It connects The Hollow to the Emerald Grove and allows access to the Secluded Cove.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This sacred area is home to the Idol of Silvanus and the stage for druidic rituals such as the Rite of Thorns. Outsiders are not welcome here, though certain individuals may be permitted entry.

If the party approaches from the main entry, they will see the druids blocking the way. A cutscene will depict a confrontation between the druids and the tieflings over this. The tieflings {{CharLink|Locke}0 and Komira Komira plead that their daughter Arabella Arabella is being held against her will, granting the Save Arabella Save Arabella quest. After this confrontation, attempting to enter the Sacred Pool will be granted to the party as [Kagha Kagha wishes to speak with them.

The party can also encounter Volo Volo for the first time, and offer to share a tale of the goblin attack.

Access[edit | edit source]

The main entry to the Sacred Pool is by descending the staircase from The Hollow at X: 251 Y: 547. An alternate entry is through the elevator in the southern ramparts of the Druid Grove at X: 242 Y: 480 which is initially blocked by a sleeping bear.

Sacred Pool[edit | edit source]

In the Sacred Pool, several druids are performing the Rite of Thorns using the Idol of Silvanus found in the centre of the pool.

To the east, Volo is interviewing Bosk Bosk, a bear. Volo serves as a trader, including The Whispering Promise among his wares.

To the south is Topaz (Blue Jay) Topaz the blue jay, whose nest contains a Shiny Key which opens the shiny chest atop a pillar to the north-west.

Cliff overlook[edit | edit source]

Just outside the Sacred Pool and to the east is a path leading up to an overlook where Alfira Alfira can be found, along with a gilded chest containing the Cap of Curing.

Beach[edit | edit source]

South-east of the pool is a small beach where Ormn Ormn is catching fish. Hidden beneath a rock in this area is the Amulet of Silvanus X: 262 Y: 481.

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Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

Hidden treasure[edit | edit source]

  • A Shiny Chest rests on top of the stones at X: 221 Y: 495, opened with Topaz's shiny key.