Warrior Gresh

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Warrior Gresh is a Goblin Warrior found in the Underground Passage in Act One. He is the leader of a small group of goblin scouts who have captured Findal.

Unlike other Goblins that can be talked out of fighting through ability checks or cowed by a Drow player character, Gresh will always be hostile after a brief conversation. He will ridicule Sazza as a failure if she is with the party.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Main Hand Attack.webp
Main Hand Attack Main Hand Attack ()   –  Greataxe
Normal weapon damage

Make a melee attack with your equipped weapon.
 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft
Menacing Attack Melee.webp
Normal weapon damage
+ Superiority Die Damage TypesWeapon damage

Spend a superiority die to deal Weapon Damage + 1d8 Physical damage and possibly Frighten Frighten the target.
WIS Save
 Range: Normal weapon range
Generic Damage.webp
D4 Bludgeoning.png 1d4 (1~4) Damage TypesBludgeoning damage

Throws a sharp stone at a foe.
 Range: 9 m / 30 ft