Get Help from Healer Nettie

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Nettie is a talented healer - but can she cure a tadpole?

Get Help from Healer Nettie is a sub-quest of Act One's main quest, Find a Cure. It can be started by inquiring about a healer with Nymessa and Damays or various individuals at the Druid Grove.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Find the druid's apprentice.
  • Aradin told us that the druid Halsin has an apprentice. If we can find her, she might be able to help us with the parasite.
Find the healer Nettie.
  • When we asked about healing, we were told to look for Nettie in the Inner Sanctum.
  • There's a camp nearby where someone named Nettie can supposedly heal any wound. She might be able to help remove the parasite.
Follow Nettie.
  • We told Nettie about the parasite. She seemed concerned and asked us to follow her to another room for treatment.
Find an antidote for the poison.
  • Unable to heal us, Nettie spared us the horror of ceremorphosis - by poisoning one of us with deadly venom. We need to cure the poison immediately.
  • Nettie's corpse told us of a cure - the Elixir of Silvanus. It seems related to flora of the Dalelands.
  • To make the lifesaving antidote, we need to mix a bundle of mugwort in a cauldron of theriac, blessed by Silvanus.
Quest Complete
  • Nettie tried to poison us, but we managed to talk her out of it. She let us go, but she made us promise to kill ourselves if we started to turn.
  • We managed to find a cure for the venom Nettie used - but we're still no closer to a cure for the parasite.
  • We rescued Nettie's master, Halsin. Now that he's safe, we don't need to ask Nettie for help - we can go directly to the master druid instead.
  • Nettie was killed before she could help us. We'll need to find another way to cure ourselves.
  • Nettie's dead - serves her right for trying to poison us. But it's a bittersweet victory: we still need to find a way to deal with the parasite.
  • We left the area without seeing if the druid apprentice could heal us.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The library where you speak with Nettie.

Nettie can be found within the Emerald Grove, in the room beyond the lounge where Kagha and Rath are situated. She will not help the player until they admit to her that they're infected by a Mindflayer Tadpole. She invites the player to join her in the library room deeper within the sanctum to talk.

Once the player is inside the room, she locks the door behind them and they lose the ability to Fast Travel. Approaching Nettie initiates a conversation.

If the player is truthful with Nettie - informing her of the various symptoms they have been experiencing, then Nettie is honest in kind. She doesn't have a cure, and was instead planning to euthanize the player before they can transform.

Nettie offers to let the player go free if they swear to consume Wyvern Poison and kill themselves at the first signs of turning. If the player agrees and swears to Nettie's demands, she informs them of the current situation in the Grove and gives them the quest Rescue the Druid Halsin. If the player is unwilling to swear to this, she attacks in hopes of stopping the player before they can transform and harm others.

If Nettie is killed, the player finds that they're still trapped within the library. To escape, they must loot Nettie's Circlet, the Key of the Ancients which opens the stone slab doors. The players can use this to return to the Druid Grove, or head towards the Underground Passage.

If the player is not truthful with Nettie - refusing to provide any details of their symptoms, she asks to touch the player's hand without explanation.

  • If the player offer their hand to Nettie, the Druid slices them with the poisoned plant Kelemvor's Kiss, inflicting them with a special Poisoned condition called At Death's Door, which inflicts a -2 penalty to all Ability Scores, and continues to worsen after Rest.

If the player successfully avoids getting poisoned, they can make another DC10 Medicine, History, or Intimidation to get Nettie to stand down. If this is successful, the conversation loops back to her request for the player to swear to drinking the poison should they start transforming. Saying yes finishes the quest. Refusing to swear once again leads to combat.

Poisoned and Trapped[edit | edit source]

If the player is poisoned, they have an opportunity to grab the branch and conduct a DC10 Nature Check to identify the poison. Doing so provides some lore, but does not seem to affect future checks and options. The player is able to walk away from the conversation at this point. Nettie is not hostile, believing that with the doors lock and the player poisoned, they'll no longer be a danger.

The player have the following options to try to obtain the antidote, which is on Nettie, at this point:

  • Convince Nettie to give it to them by passing a DC15 History, Medical or Deception (two chances). This is the only peaceful method to obtain the antidote and leave the room at this point.
  • Attack Nettie and loot her body for the Elixir of Silvanus.
  • Pick-pocket the Elixir of Silvanus from Nettie. She turns hostile once she discovers it missing. However, this allows you to fight her without the At Death's Door debuff.

If Nettie is convinced to peacefully provide the antidote, she now offers to let the player go free as long as they swear to commit suicide prior to turning. Refusing once again leads to a fight.

Note, that at any point of the conversation, the player can choose to attack Nettie to either obtain the antidote (if they're poisoned) and to free themselves from the locked room, through the "Attack" button at the bottom left of the screen when in dialogue. Alternatively, the player can switch characters and have them initiate the fight.

Brewing the Elixir of Silvanus[edit | edit source]

The Cauldron of Boiling Theriac used to brew the Elixir of Silvanus.

Should the player wish to, they can also learn to brew Elixir of Silvanus that serves as antidotes against the Poisoned condition.

In the room where they originally found Nettie healing the bird, there is a book named Flora of the Dalelands sitting on a desk by the cauldron. Reading the book reveals that poison from Kelemvor's Kiss can be cured by boiling bundles of Mugwort in a Cauldron of Boiling Theriac - which the cauldron in the room. The player can brew the potion by interacting with the Cauldron, and adding Mugwort to it from their inventory. It is not necessary to read the book first in order to do this.

In regards to this quest, brewing the antidote after the conversation is theoretically an alternative solution to getting the antidote, but since killing/subduing Nettie is required to leave the room if you refused to swear the oath, it is ultimately redundant.

However, the player can brew the antidote ahead of speaking with Nettie. Should the player get poisoned, they then have the option to cure themselves immediately, which causes Nettie to give up, and loop back to offering the player a chance to leave if they swear to kill themselves should they start to transform.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing this quest earns the player 75 Experience Points. The Wyvern Poison the player can obtain is actually a powerful consumable that be used to add significant poison damage to a single weapon attack. The Key of the Ancients can only be obtained in outcomes that involves killing Nettie.