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Background Criminal Icon.png
"You have a history of breaking the law and survive by leveraging less-than-legal connections. Profiting from criminal enterprise will lead to greater opportunities in the future."

Background Features[edit | edit source]

Background Goals[edit | edit source]

Performing certain actions that align with this background will reward Inspiration. These goals can be accomplished by any member of the active party, and Inspiration points are pooled, up to a maximum of 4. Completing an inspiration event will also grant experience to characters with that background.

Location XP Reward Name Description
Anywhere 20 Blood Price Murder an innocent civilian.
20 Escape Artist Escape from jail after being arrested.
25 A Fine Fortune Steal an item worth at least 1000 gold.
Act 1
Druids Grove 20 Heretic Steal the Idol of Silvanus.
20 Jailbreaker Smuggle Sazza out of the grove.
25 Serpent's Bounty Take Zevlor's payment for killing Kagha.
20 Show Them How It's Done Steal from the tiefling children's stash without making enemies of them.
20 The Allure of Coin Steal from a child charmed by harpies.
Goblin Camp 25 Culling the Crowd Use poison to kill the drunk goblins in camp.
20 Slaughter's Prize Ally with Minthara to loot and slaughter the grove.
The Risen Road 30 Friend of the Family Become an ally of the Zhentarim.
30 Open For A Surprise Acquire the Iron Flask from the Zhentarim.
Underdark 30 Swiftly Stolen Obtain Thulla's magical boots through underhanded means.
Grymforge 50 Perfect Cut Split Nere's money with the duergar mutineers.
Act 2
Shadow-Cursed Lands 50 Shiny Trinkets and Baubles Take the drider's Moonlantern.
  • Must be done via Deception checks during the convoy ambush, not just killing him and looting the lantern.
Reithwin Town 60 A Dark Edge Take Shar's dagger from the ritual pedestal.
  • The pedestal is found in the Sharran Sanctuary, and taking the dagger will spawn several enemies.
60 Notes of an Amateur Craft some Brewed-Up Bellyglummer.
60 Personal Payroll Discover the Toll Collector's personal hoard. X: -125 Y: -90
60 Right Tool for the Job Obtain all 4 variants of the nurses' tools.
Moonrise Towers 60 Always a Way Out Help the Moonrise prisoners escape.
60 An Absolute Douceur Accept the Absolute's promise of gifts.
60 Enter Nostalgia Trespass into Ketheric and Isobel's respective rooms.
60 Escape Artisan Give Wulbren his tools so the gnomes can escape.
75 Long-Awaited Reunion Hand Isobel over to Ketheric.
50 War Profiteer Find Roah in Moonrise and trade with her.
Mind Flayer Colony 95 Body Heist Open and loot the mind flayer colony's vault.
Gauntlet of Shar 75 Fickle Allegiances Betray Balthazar after learning that Nightsong is not a simple relic.
75 What's Yours is Mine Take Shar's gem without aiding or killing the orthon.
Act 3
Rivington 135 Supply and Demand Offer to kick the squatters out for a lower fee than the Rivington Rats.
135 Donations Means 'Free' Steal donated goods from the big barn.
135 There's Always a Back Door Gain access to the Open Hand Temple's hidden door.
170 Stacking the Deck Side with Farlin and the Guild against the Stonelord's smugglers.
170 Easy Pickings Take out Cairos and his crew after they fight with Farlin's crew.
Wyrm's Crossing 170 Wrongly Convicted Break Counsellor Florrick out of Wyrm's Rock.
170 Price of Freedom Introduce Arfur to the subtleties of capitalism.
170 Buyable Loyalty Get your payday for the head of the deep gnome's leader.
Lower City 135 Saving It From Collecting Dust Steal an offering to the gods.
170 Back into the Familiar Gain a way into the Undercellar.
170 Next Generation of Pockets Assume a contributive role in Dez's parenting.
170 Key to the Vault Obtain a way to enter the lower vaults.
220 A Pressing Heist Rig the Baldur's Mouth printing press.
220 It's Just Business Side with the Zhentarim against Nine-Fingers.
220 Honour Amongst Thieves Side with Nine-Fingers against the Zhentarim.
220 What Do We Have Here? Open one of the additional vaults in the lower levels of the Counting House.
  • Must be opened via lockpicking.
House of Hope 220 Interplanar Cat Burglar Burgle and escape the House of Hope.

Cut Background Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Lesser Evils: Rob the enthralled fishermen.
    • The enthralled fishermen were a group encountered in the crashed Mindflayer ship during early access but were removed for the release version, making this goal unobtainable.