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Lassandra is a Human NPC who is a part of Harpers organisation in Act Two.

Expedition[edit | edit source]

The player first encounters her when in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, when entering via the Grymforge lift. She is leading an expedition of Harpers, consisting of Yonas, Meygan, and Karrow. Yonas is ambushed and corrupted by a Shadow ambush. If the player helps her, she will mark the location of Last Light Inn on the map.

If the player then heads to Last Light Inn, she will attempt to vouch for them, though it will have little effect on the following conversation.

Ambush[edit | edit source]

Later, Lassandra along with Harpers Skywin, Elindale, Branthos, and Manus will be waiting on the bridge. Branthos will propose an ambush of a convoy of Absolutists in order to steal their means of protection against the Shadow Curse. She and her allies will aid you in the ambush if you choose to help.

After Ambush[edit | edit source]

Lassandra and her group later can be found mourning Yonas near Last Light Inn docks.

Assault Moonrise Towers[edit | edit source]

Lassandra won't join the assault against Absolute forces and after defeating Ketheric Thorm, she won't appear anywhere again.[Needs Verification]

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