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Lucretious is a high elf necromancer and the ringmistress of the Circus of the Last Days.


Oh dear. Screaming children, an oozing corpse - and it's not even my birthday.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

After the party attends the show of Dribbles the Clown and discovers that he was replaced by a doppelganger, Lucretious will ask the party to find the scattered body parts of Dribbles so she can reanimate him and continue to use him as part of the circus.

Once the party returns with all 7 of Dribbles' missing body parts, Lucretious will thank them for returning the star of her show and reward them with Spellmight Gloves (or a small amount of gold if the gloves were previously pickpocketed). She lets the party know that the circus will finally be leaving soon (after the next long rest) so they should buy from its merchants while they still can.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Animate Dead Skeleton.webp

Create 3 Skeletons that specialise in ranged combat.

 Range: 3 m / 10 ft
Blight Blight ()
D8 Necrotic.png 8d8 (8~64) Damage TypesNecrotic damage

Deals 8d8Damage TypesNecrotic to a target. Plants take maximum damage from this spell, and have Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on the Saving throw against it.

CON Save
 Range: 9 m / 30 ft
Bone Chill.webp
D8 Necrotic.png 1d8 (1~8) Damage TypesNecrotic damage

Prevent the target from healing until your next turn. An undead target receives Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Attack rolls.

 Range: 18 m / 60 ft
Hunger of Hadar.webp
D6 Cold.png 2d6 (2~12) Damage TypesCold damage
D6 Acid.png 2d6 (2~12) Damage TypesAcid damage

Creatures within this black sphere are Blinded Blinded and take damage at the end of their turn and the start of their turn.

DEX Save
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft
AoE: 6 m / 20 ft (Radius)
Inflict Wounds.webp
D10 Necrotic.png 3d10 (3~30) Damage TypesNecrotic damage

Putrefy a creature with Damage TypesNecrotic energy filling your hands.

 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft
Arms of Hadar.webp
D6 Necrotic.png 2d6 (2~12) Damage TypesNecrotic damage

Prevent targets from using reactions.

STR Save
 Range: Self
AoE: 3 m / 10 ft (Radius)

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being an elf, Lucretious originally had non-pointed, human ears. This was fixed in Patch 3.

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