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Lucretious wants her star back - dead or alive.

Find Dribbles the Clown is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Lucretious in the Circus of the Last Days.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Investigate the Circus.
  • Dribbles the Clown, star of the circus, is missing. Ringmaster Lucretious asked us to find him. He's likely dead, but that doesn't seem to bother her.
Find Dribbles.
  • We spoke to the doppelganger who impersonated the clown. He admitted he killed the real Dribbles the Clown.
  • Ringmaster Lucretious asked us to find the corpse of her star - Dribbles the Clown. Or what's left of him, at least.
Collect Dribbles' body parts.
  • A part of Dribbles has been used to create a gruesome art piece. We should continue searching for his body parts.
  • The dead doppelganger revealed that their mistress wanted the clown's body parts for her 'art'.
  • We found a severed hand in the circus shop run by Popper the kobold. It looks like it belonged to Dribbles the Clown.
  • We found Dribbles' torso.
  • We found Dribbles' pelvis.
  • Based on how Dribbles has been cut up, it looks like we've found about half of his corpse.
  • We found Dribbles' arm.
  • We found Dribbles' leg.
  • We found Dribbles' foot.
  • We need just one final piece to complete Dribbles.
  • We found Dribbles' head.
Return to Ringmaster Lucretious.
  • We have all of Dribbles' body parts. We should bring them to Ringmaster Lucretious.
Quest Complete
  • Lucretious thanked us for our help. She intends to raise Dribbles from the dead - with some improvements. The circus will soon leave Wyrm's Crossing.
  • We left without helping Ringmaster Lucretious and Dribbles the Clown.
  • Lucretious has been defeated.
  • The circus vanished. Dribbles the Clown will never perform again.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Entering the Circus[edit | edit source]

Through the Front Entrance[edit | edit source]

Klaus and Benji guard the gate.

Speaking to Klaus and Benji, the party can attempt to enter the Circus through the front gate. Claus stops them, stating that he is checking every visitor to see if they are a vicious murderer. He has his ghoul sniff the party, who exclaims that they smell of "iron and blood." Determining that he can't subject other patrons to the stink, he denies entry. However, he can be reasoned with:

  • [PERSUASION] I'm not a threat to you or anyone else in the circus - I swear it.
  • [DECEPTION] I'm a friend of Lord Gortash. I wonder what he'll say if I tell him about this...
  • [INTIMIDATION] Let me in, or I snap you in two.
  • Surely we can come to an agreement? (200)
  • [ARCHFEY][DECEPTION] Unless you seek the wrath of the Seelie Court, you will let me pass.
  • [WARLOCK][DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I do a magic show.
  • [MONK][DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I do martial arts.
  • [BARD][DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. Meet your new bard!
  • [ROGUE][DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I juggle knives.
  • [SORCERER][DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired to do a magic show. Fingers crossed no one blows up this time!
  • [DRACONIC BLOODLINE][DECEPTION] I’ve actually just been hired. I’m the new fire breather!

Successfully passing a check allows entry into the circus.

Sneaking In[edit | edit source]

The gatekeeper can easily be bypassed by walking further down the gate towards a group of children X: -22 Y: -34. Here, there is a gap in the gate that can be jumped over.

Dribbles' Show[edit | edit source]

Dribbles needs a volunteer for his last act.

Approaching Dribbles' stage X: -41 Y: -36 automatically starts a cutscene where Dribbles begins performing a comedy show full of terrible puns, along with his dog. Towards the end of the show, he states he plans to perform a magic trick, but needs a volunteer with "nerves of steel and the heart of a lion." In doing this, he singles out the party. Any party member can be volunteered to go up, or Dribbles' volunteer (the currently active party member) can agree to go up.

  • What are you going to do?
  • Approach the stage.
  • (Options to volunteer for each other party member)
  • [GREAT OLD ONE] [INSIGHT] Gaze through the clown with your patron's eldritch sight. (DC 25, advantage, no Wisdom modifier)
  • I'm good.

Denying the offer results in a random crowd member volunteering. Either way, Dribbles and his dog suddenly attacks, along with a group of doppelgangers. If the random crowd member came on stage, he is instantly murdered by the dog.

After defeating Dribbles, it turns out that he was a doppelganger. His corpse can be spoken to with Speak with Dead and grant some information on the attack:

  • Who are you? I am called...Fumm...
  • You singled me out from the crowd. Why? I saw in your eyes...what I see in my own...death.
  • What type of creature are you? A shapechanger...People call us...doppelgangers...
  • Why did you attack? To sow is His will...
  • It is 'His will'? What are you talking about? *You feel a rush of power, dark and insidious - something prevents the corpse from answering.*
  • What happened to Dribbles the Clown? I killed him...bathed in his blood...a death worthy of the list...of the Tribunal.
  • What's the Tribunal? The greatest honour...of them all.
  • Where is Dribbles' corpse? Mistress needed his body parts...for her art...

Lucretious moves towards the stage area after the attack. Speaking with her starts the quest, as she requests the party find what is left of Dribbles in exchange for fabulous rewards.

Hand[edit | edit source]

The hand in Popper's tent.

Dribble's Hand is on a plate in Popper's store inside the Circus of the Last Days. It can either be stealthily stolen like any other object, or the party can attempt to simply go up and grab it. If the party attempts to grab it, they are stopped by Popper, who says it is his "special hand." If Popper is asked why the hand is so special, then the party can respond in a variety of ways to attempt to get it from him. Popper states that it costs 10,000 gold:

  • [DECEPTION] You know, I can get a hand for much cheaper elsewhere.
  • [INTIMIDATION] Give it to me now, or I'll cut off your hands.
  • [PERSUASION] I think that belongs to Dribbles. I need it - your ringmaster needs it.
  • [WARLOCK][SORCERER][DECEPTION] I'm actually a sorcerer working for Lucretious. I need that hand for a magic spell.
  • [DROW][INTIMIDATION] You will give me that hand or I will grind you beneath my heel, you insufferable gnat.
  • [SORCERER][DECEPTION] I'm actually a sorcerer working for Lucretious. I need that hand for a magic spell.
  • I'd rather take it from your cold, dead corpse.
  • That's way too much - keep the hand.

Torso[edit | edit source]

The torso's location.

Dribbles' Torso can be found during Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders, or simply when exploring the Open Hand Temple. The torso's location can be found via a hatch in the kitchen X: -62 Y: 3. There are pools of blood which can be followed to the exact location of the murders. However, the drops of blood abruptly stops in front of what appears to be a stone wall. There are two ways to get past this and into the secret tunnels beyond. The first is to go into the adjoining room to the south and jump over the cracks in the wall X: 16 Y: -1026. The 'proper' way to enter the tunnels is by locating the secret buttons in the crypt. These buttons are obscured by heraldry X: 17 Y: -1000 and X: 18 Y: -1015 on the walls to the left and right of the stone wall.

Once inside the secret tunnels, three doppelgangers immediately become hostile. After defeating the doppelgangers, the torso can be looted off the dead body of Penela Lumpensicks X: 63 Y: -1028, alongside a note from Orin the Red.

Pelvis[edit | edit source]

The pelvis' location

Dribbles' Pelvis is in the Lower City, in an empty home northwest of the Basilisk Gate X: 123 Y: 4. Looting the body of Gohumberry Tresp grants the Pelvis and a note from Orin.

Arm[edit | edit source]

The arm's location

Dribbles' Arm is in the Lower City in the Peartree House X: 32 Y: -96 located south east of Sorcerous Sundries. The Peartree House is a boarded-up building, so the boards need to be destroyed before entering. After the boards have been destroyed, there is a Traveler's Chest blocking a hatch. Move that chest and descend the hatch to find another murder scene. Looting the corpse of Courageous Little Kimmabeth grants the severed arm and a note from Orin.

Leg[edit | edit source]

The leg's location

Dribbles' Leg is in Lavernica's House X: -76 Y: -70 which shares a wall with Crimson Draughts.. After lockpicking the front door, the leg is down a hatch. The basement below contains many dead spiders and duergar, where a note from Orin can be found on the Duergar corpse named Danfora of the Kingfish. Looting the corpse of the dead Drow named Incontinentia's Figgin in the neighboring room provides the leg and yet another note from Orin.

Foot[edit | edit source]

The foot's location

Dribbles' Foot is in Rainforest's House X: -93 Y: -109 located west of Beehive General Goods and South East of The Blushing Mermaid. It can be entered by either lockpicking the door, or by jumping with high enough strength or using Fly or Misty Step to gain access to the balcony. The hatch to the foot is behind the stairs on the ground floor. In the basement, the foot is straight ahead on the corpse of a dragonborn, Winslow Reginol, along with another Orin note.

Head[edit | edit source]

The head's location

Dribbles' Head is in the Undercity Ruins, north of the Temple of Bhaal waypoint X: -65 Y: 1041. Loot the corpse of Wilting Alex to find the head, and gain a final note.

Returning the Body Parts[edit | edit source]

Returning to the Circus of Last Days, Lucretious is delighted to have all the parts of Dribbles back, and only a little bit bitten by rats. She thanks the party for allowing her to raise the corpse of one of her star performers.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]