Redcap Blood Sage

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Redcap Blood Sages are a type of Fey creature found in the Sunlit Wetlands during Act One, being in the service of Auntie Ethel. Small, homicidal creatures born of bloodlust, they have to keep their caps steeped in blood to survive.

Initially they aren't hostile, pretending to be sheep if you have or not overcome the illusion of the wetlands. However, if Ethel is made hostile in any way, they will become hostile when next encountered. Early on, they can prove to be quite difficult foes because of their unique spells and abilities.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Blood Sage favors keeping back from fighting, instead favoring spells to support their kind from the small island in the swamp. They will focus putting Bloodlust on a Redcap so they can use their powerful Multiattack before following up with Open Wounds to give more of an advantage to their allies. Otherwise, they will use Hold Person instead to leave an enemy helpless to attack.

Despite their spells, they are quite helpless in a direct fight since they lack any weapons. It is best to close the distance to them and focus on attacking them to break their Concentration with Bloodlust or Hold Person. If someone is hit but their Open Wounds spell, a simple healing spell or potion will remove the Bleeding condition.

Notes[edit | edit source]