Cambion (Planar Ally)

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This article is about The Planar Ally summon. For the creature and race, see Cambion.

Cambions are a type of Fiend that can be summoned with the level six cleric spell, Planar Ally: Cambion. Typically found in the Hells, cambions are half-fiend, half-mortal, and are resistant to many types of damage.

Spells and abilities[edit | edit source]

Glaive Faded.png
Main Hand Attack - Glaive
D10 Piercing.png 1d10 + 4 (5~14) Damage TypesPiercing damage
Rush Attack.webp

Charge forward and attack the first enemy in your way, possibly pushing them Off Balance Off Balance. Doesn't provoke Opportunity Attacks Opportunity Attacks.

Fiendish Charm.webp

Charmed Charm a humanoid to prevent it from attacking you. You gain Advantage Icon.png Advantage on Charisma Ability Checks in dialogue.

Rays of Fire.webp
D6 Fire.png 3d6 (3~18) Damage TypesFire damage
D6 Fire.png 3d6 (3~18) Damage TypesFire damage
D6 Fire.png 3d6 (3~18) Damage TypesFire damage

Hurl 3 rays of fire. Each ray deals 3d6Damage TypesFire damage.

Draining Kiss.webp
D10 Psychic.png 5d10 + 5 (10~55) Damage TypesPsychic damage

Lay a deadly kiss upon a foe Charmed Charmed by your Fiendish Charm Fiendish Charm.

Fly Fly

Fly using movement at a  Range: 16 m / 60 ft.

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