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Hiiiiiiiii! Want a blade? Or a bow? Or a dagger? Or maybe a spear is more your thing? You look like you know how to use a spear. Buy a spear, whaddya say? Huh?

— Exxvikyap insinuating the player is an expert on handling spears

Exxvikyap is a Dragonborn trader in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. She is the shop assistant of the blacksmith shop and an avid fan of its proprietor, Gyldro Angleiron.

She can found in The Rivington General X: 8 Y: -32 within the Rivington area, between the Rivington and Wyrm's Crossing South Span waypoints.

Notable items sold[edit | edit source]

Some listed items may not be available after every restock.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Armour[edit | edit source]

Arrows[edit | edit source]