Zenovia Dawg

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Zenovia Dawg is a Non-Player Character and member of The Guild found in Rivington during Act Three. She has been hired by Arfur Gregorio to eject the squatters from his mansion, a task that the player can assist or interfere with.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Zenovia can be found arguing with Arfur outside his mansion. Arfur is demanding that Zenvoia help in removing the squatters in his home, however Zenovia will argue that she and her group were paid only as caravan guards, and anything more will cost extra.

The player can help Arfur remove the squatters, or insist that he leave them be. If the party helps the squatters, Arfur will pay Zenovia to attack. She can be intimidated to abandon Arfur's side and leave peacefully.