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Brother Clements is a member of the Open Hand Temple. He can be found at the temple during Act Three, where he will be engaged in heated debate with Brother Bill.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Brother Clements and Brother Bill disagree over Father Lorgan's harbouring of refugees and its impact on his subsequent death. Clements feels that Lorgan was correct in sheltering the suffering fugitives, whereas Bill feels that the temple should look inward, rejecting Lorgan's ways.

Siding with Clements or Bill in the discussion grants either the Inspirational Event A Scorned Closed Heart and A Wounded Open Heart (both Acolyte background), respectively.

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

  • Support Bill- If Father Lorgan had been pickier, he might still been alive. Astarion approves +1 Lae'zel approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Minthara approves +1
  • Support Clements - Sounds like your god would be proud of Father Lorgan. Astarion disapproves -1 Minthara disapproves -1 Minsc approves +1 Gale approves +1 Halsin approves +1 Karlach approves +1 Wyll approves +1