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Klaus is a wood elf at the Circus of the Last Days. Along with Benji, he is tasked with sniffing people out. If Benji smells blood, they will not allow entrance to the circus.


Welcome to the Circus of the Last Days - have fun, and be sure to catch the star of the show, Dribbles the Clown!
Klaus welcoming the party into the circus.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Klaus can be found with his tamed ghoul, Benji, at the entrance to the Circus of the Last Days. X: 22 Y: -75

One of the following player options grants access to the circus.

  1. [PERSUASION] I'm not a threat to you or anyone else in the circus - I swear it.
  2. [DECEPTION] I'm a friend of Lord Gortash. I wonder what he'll say if I tell him about this...
  3. [WIZARD/WARLOCK] [DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I do a magic show.
  4. [WILD MAGIC SORCERER] [DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired to do a magic show. Fingers crossed no one blows up this time!
  5. [DRACONIC SORCERER] [DECEPTION] I've just been hired as a firebreather. Let's hope nothing catches light.
  6. [ROGUE] [DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I juggle knives.
  7. [MONK] [DECEPTION] I've actually just been hired. I do martial arts.
  9. [BARBARIAN] [INTIMIDATION] You can smell the blood of my enemies, that is all. Want to join my scent?
  10. [WARLOCK ARCHFEY] [INTIMIDATION] Unless you seek the wrath of the Seelie Court, you will let me pass.
  11. [DARK URGE] [DECEPTION/PERSUASION] I used to be a killer, but I've reformed my ways.
  12. [BARD] DC 10 Deception check - I’ve actually just been hired. Meet your new bard!
  13. [INTIMIDATION] Let me in, or I snap you in two.
  14. Surely we can come to an agreement? (200)

Gaining access to the circus by any means earns the Inspirational Event The Right Oil for Any Situation (Noble background). Gaining access by deception earns the Inspirational Event Seams of Lavender and Thyme (Charlatan background).