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Oyster Boy Dringo is a Rock Gnome in Rivington. He can be found at the kennel outside the Sword Coast Couriers where he serves as Angry Mar'hyah's apprentice.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Oyster Boy Dringo can be found in the kennel of Sword Coast Couriers, where is being verbally abused by Angry Mar'hyah . Upon striking up conversation with him, the party can learn that he is working for her since his dad thinks she will 'toughen him up'. He also heavily implies that she has used 'the rod' to discipline both him and the dogs.

If the party summons Scratch to the kennel, Dringo will be overjoyed to see him again. Should the party choose to leave Scratch with Mar'hyah, Dringo will promise to take good care of him. However, if the talking party member successfully passes a DC 18 Intimidation check or DC 18 Persuasion check to convince Mar'hyah to let Scratch stay with them, Dringo sees an opportunity and mentions that she has a history of abusing all the dogs, not just Scratch.

The talking party member can either tell him that they only care about Scratch, or they can attempt to pass a DC 18 Deception check or DC 20 Intimidation check against Mar'hyah. Failing the checks causes her to fire Dringo, making him leave the kennel for good. He will then disappear off the map and never return. Succeeding the check results in her leaving the kennel while Dringo releases all the dogs from their cages. He vows to do a better job of caring for them than she ever did.