In Case of Death...

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For undisclosed reasons, Gale recommends you resurrect him within two days.

In Case of Death... is a quest given when Gale first dies. A magical projection of Gale appears to warn you "many lives" depend on his return within two days. It would be in your best interest to revive him sooner rather than later.

Warning: Once Gale dies, you do not have forever to resurrect him. On your third Long Rest after Gale dies, you'll awake to a special Game Over.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Follow the projection's instructions.
  • Gale died, activating a magical projection of himself which insisted that he be resurrected with the utmost urgency.
  • First, we need to retrieve the special pouch he carries on his person, and unthread the purple seam - moving counter-clockwise.
  • There should be a flute and a letter inside the pouch. We need to play the notes on the letter, starting from the bottom-right and moving clockwise.
  • Playing the flute correctly should summon a magma mephit. It will ask us a question, and we'll need to respond, 'K'ha'ssji'trach'ash'.
Destroyed pouch: Resurrect Gale.
  • We inadvertently destroyed the strange pouch Gale carried, along with any means of resurrecting him it contained. We'll need to find another way to resurrect Gale.
Play the correct melody.
  • We opened the pouch correctly, and were able to retrieve the flute and letter. Now we need to play the correct tune on the flute.
Say the mephit's name.
  • We played the correct melody on the flute, summoning the magma mephit.
Resurrect Gale.
  • We told the magma mephit his name. In return, he turned the letter into a Scroll of True Resurrection. Using the scroll, we should be able to resurrect Gale in no time.
Quest Completed!
  • We successfully resurrected Gale. Let's make sure he doesn't die again.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

If Gale should die for any reason, then you'll see his body start to release Damage TypesNecrotic damage to anyone nearby. After combat ends you'll see a magical projection of Gale pop up and convince you to resurrect him within three days. To do so he tells you a rather elaborate procedure for summoning up a Scroll of True Resurrection he has prepared.

It's not necessary to obtain or use this scroll, as any resurrection method (including Scrolls of Revivify) will satisfy the quest. However, unlike Revivify, the True Resurrection scroll will resurrect any party member with all their hitpoints.

To get the scroll:

  • Grab Gale's Pouch off his corpse
  • Pull the purple thread in a counter clockwise fashion
  • Take the flute and play the notes D-E-A-D
  • Address the Magma Mephit with "K'ha'ssji'trach'ash" and hand over Gale's letter

Ta-dah! The scroll is yours. Use it, or save it for another occasion and resurrect Gale some other way.

The only way to botch the protocol completely is to pull all the threads in the second step and continue to do so after the game gives you a warning; the pouch will disappear and you'll have to resurrect Gale the old-fashioned way. Other errors will simply allow you to try again from where you got stuck.

Once Gale's back among the living, a Persuasion (DC 10) or Intimidation (DC 12) Check will get Gale to open up a bit more about what just happened, but he'll still remain tight-lipped about key details. Refusing to press him after succeeding the check will grant some approval. Quest complete.

Reward[edit | edit source]