In Case of Death...

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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Follow the projection's instructions.
    • A magical projection of Gale gave us very specific instructions to resurrect him.
    • First, we need to retrieve a pouch Gale carried with him and unthread the purple seam - moving counter-clockwise.
    • There should be a flute and a letter inside the pouch. We need to play the notes on the letter, starting from the bottom-right and moving clockwise.
    • Playing the flute correctly should summon a magma mephit. It will ask us a question, and we'll need to give it's name, "K'ha'ssij'trach'ash".
  • Play the correct melody.
    • We managed to open the pouch. Now we need to play the right melody on the flute.
      • (The order and direction only matters for the dialogue option, play the notes D-E-A-D, spells "dead", and you will succeed.)
  • Say the mephit's name.
    • We played the right notes on the flute and summoned the mephit.
  • We successfully resurrected Gale. Let's make sure he doesn't die again.