Tolna Tome-Monger

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Tolna Tome-Monger curates the rare books that are kept at Sorcerous Sundries. Rather than selling or giving access to the books, she instead just informs guest about the books that are kept in the vault. She will not sell any of the rare books in the vaults, but she may let it slip as to how to gain access to the vault.

Tolna Tome-Monger is also a merchant who will sell the player scrolls and books.

If the player chooses the dialogue option "IS THAT TRUE BOOKS? ARE YOU SENSITIVE?", the books on either side of her will erupt in fireballs. She will become extremely upset and refuse to reveal the rare books' location or trade with the player until they have paid her 400 gold to cover the damages.

Store[edit | edit source]

Some items listed may not be available on every merchant restock.

Quest[edit | edit source]