Servant of None

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Servant of None is a personal quest for Karlach Karlach's origin, immediately starting in the Prologue.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Escape the Hells.
  • This is it. I've been trapped in the Hells for a decade - and this nautiloid is my ticket out.
Patch up the heart.
  • I made it. The Sword Coast - I'm home! Almost, anyway. How far is it to Baldur's Gate? And where's the nearest infernal mechanic? This heart of mine is burning hot.
  • Dammon might be able to fix my engine. Better give him a shot at it.
Deal with the paladins.
  • Those 'paladins' are Zariel's goons. I'll send them back where they came from.
Live free.
  • With Zariel's lackeys gone, I'm free to live the life I want. Finally!
  • The champion of the Blood Wars ran away from a few of Zariel's lackeys. No matter - I have more important things to worry about.
Find Gortash.
  • He was right there. Gortash, the man who sold me to Zariel. The reason my heart's burning hotter than Hell's hole. I don't know what he was doing here, but I'm going to find him.
Make Gortash pay.
  • There he is. Time to pay the piper, Gortash.
Check Gortash's corpse.
  • Gortash is dead. I need to see him up close - I need to know he's gone.
Save the city.
  • Gortash is dead. I thought it would feel different. Maybe once the city's safe again.
  • I need to turn down the heat on this heart. There's got to be an infernal mechanic in the city, right?
  • I need to turn down the heat on this heart. Maybe Dammon made it to the city.
Quest Completed!
  • Heart's blazing like a hellstorm and that bastard Gortash still walks the city. My city. Once it's safe, I can deal with the rest.
  • I would've liked to turn down this infernal heat a little, but I'm ready to save the city. At least Gortash isn't here to interfere.
  • I've done what I could. Upgraded my heart. Didn't make Gortash pay for his sins, but once the city's safe, nothing else will matter.
  • I've done what I came here to do. Upgraded my heart, tied up loose ends with Gortash - all that's left for me to do is save the city I love.