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Forging a Heart

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Forging a Heart is a sub-quest of the quest Servant of None for Karlach's origin in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. Karlach's infernal engine needs repairing by an infernal mechanic, the nearest being Dammon, who can be found at his makeshift forge in the Emerald Grove.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find infernal iron.
  • Dammon, an infernal mechanic, told me to find some infernal iron. He might be able to repair my heart.
Talk to Dammon.
  • Found some infernal iron! Maybe Dammon can use this.
Meet Dammon on the road ahead.
  • Repaired: Dammon's upgrade juiced me up. But my engine's not stable yet. I should find Dammon again in Baldur's Gate.
  • Not repaired: Got to this shadow-cursed horror but didn't take Dammon up on his offer to repair my heart. Maybe I can still find him in the city.
Talk to Dammon.
  • Dammon was in the Last Light Inn! He could still help cool me down a little.
Find infernal iron.
  • Dammon needs infernal iron to repair my engine. I'm on it!
Talk to Dammon.
  • Found some infernal iron - just what Dammon needs to tune me up.
Let Dammon sleep on an idea.
  • Dammon needs a little time to sleep on another solution for me. I've got a good feeling about this.
Talk to Dammon.
  • Dammon must've come up with something by now, right?
Find infernal iron.
  • More infernal iron needed. On it, boss.
Talk to Dammon.
  • I've got everything I need! Dammon should be able to fix me, now.
Find Dammon.
  • Dammit - Dammon's moved on. Hopefully I'll be able to find him in the city.
Talk to Dammon.
  • Dammon's in the city! He should be able to repair my heart after all.
Quest Completed!
  • Phew, this second upgrade feels incredible. Still extremely hot, mind - but incredible.
  • That's that, then. Dammon said he can't do anything else for me. Says I'll have to return to Avernus. It isn't what I wanted to hear... but it is what it is.
  • Never did enlist Dammon's help with my heart, but now I've got more important things to do - like save the city I love.
  • Never did tune up this old tin can of mine, but now I've got more important things to do - like save the city I love.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Karlach's engine can receive three upgrades from Dammon, who can be found in a new location during each Act: The Hollow during Act One, Last Light Inn during Act Two, and the Forge of the Nine during Act Three.

If the first upgrade is done in The Grove, then Dammon says he needs to think further on how he can help Karlach. He won't have a clear idea until after the party meets up with him again in the Last Light Inn. If the party initially encounters Dammon at the Last Light Inn, both upgrades can be received after a Long Rest. If Dammon was met in Baldur's Gate, then both upgrades can be received at the Forge of the Nine after a Long Rest.

Emerald Grove[edit | edit source]

Dammon will examine Karlach's engine, and relay that it might be repaired, but he will need some Infernal Iron. During Act One, it can be found at the following locations:

Karlach can return to Dammon with the iron, which will improve her condition, but not completely stabilise it.

Note that if Dammon dies (for example, during the raid on the grove), there are no other infernal mechanics available to continue this quest.

Last Light Inn[edit | edit source]

If Dammon makes it to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, he will be found at the Last Light Inn. He will need another piece of infernal iron to make more improvements; any remaining iron from Act One can still be retrieved at this point, otherwise some can be found in the Shadow-Cursed Lands:

This time, Dammon's repairs will allow Karlach to touch people without burning them up.

Lower City[edit | edit source]

During Act Three, Dammon can be found at the Forge of the Nine in the Lower City, to give one last tune up to Karlach's engine. He will again need infernal iron, which can now only be retrieved from locations around Baldur's Gate: