Fulfill the Deal

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Fulfill the Deal is a sub-quest of the quest Deal with the Devil in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Obtain the Crown of Karsus.
  • According to the terms of our deal with Raphael, we must give him the Crown of Karsus after we've defeated the Absolute threat. But first we must get hold of the relic.
Quest Complete
  • We have destroyed our infernal contract with Raphael. Now we have no obligation to give him the Crown of Karsus.
  • We obtained the Crown of Karsus, and as per the terms of our contract, we gave it to Raphael.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Sharess' Caress[edit | edit source]

Mamzell Amira is on the ground floor of Sharess' Caress, right by the front entrance. When the party speaks with her, she can be asked what she has to offer. Amira mentions that a devil is in residence - Raphael. At the bar, Korrilla is also around, informing the party that Raphael wishes to speak with them.

At the top floor is the Devil's Den, and Raphael. If Kith'rak Voss is alive, he is inside trying to deal with Raphael, but Raphael sends him away. He does, however, have a proposition for the party. Raphael is in possession of the Orphic Hammer - a tool that can break the cage that holds Orpheus. In return, he wants the Crown of Karsus, which is being used to control the Elder Brain, once the party defeats it.

Raphael's proposal can either be rejected or accepted. If it's rejected, he states that he will remain at Sharess' Caress for some time in case they change their mind. If the deal is accepted, he will create a Soul-Sworn Contract and the party instantly feels a pang of regret, starting Escape the Deal.

Forcing the Party's Hand[edit | edit source]

Raphael arrives in the Astral Prism.

The party's hand can be forced, regardless of if the deal with Raphael was taken at Sharess' Caress. This occurs during Confront the Elder Brain. After the initial confrontation, the Emperor steps in to protect the party from the Netherbrain and shelters them in the Astral Plane. During this time, the Emperor states that only an illithid can hope to take down the Netherbrain in its current form and that the illithid must consume the power of Prince Orpheus in order to succeed. As an illithid, the Emperor says he can do this, and asks the Netherstones be relinquished to him.

If the party selects:

  • I don't believe a word you just said.

Followed by:

  • I will never trust you.

Then the Emperor will become enraged and states that he has no other choice but to reassimilate into the Netherbrain. He leaves the party in the Astral Realm, with seemingly no options left to defeat the brain.

In this case, Raphael appears within the Astral Prism. He has front row seats to the final hour, and now he's come with the sole salvation of Faerun. There are no more deals: only master and vassal. Sign a contract for the Orphic Hammer in exchange for the Crown of Karsus, or the world ends. Failing to uphold the bargain means the party's souls are forfeit. Refusing to sign turns the party into mind flayers who assimilate into the Netherbrain, causing a game over.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

Fulfilling the deal results in an additional cutscene after the credits roll. Raphael has already begun his conquest of the Hells, with many rulers already seeking to bargain with him. He threatens the prospect of turning to other realms once the hells are united, ending his speech with, "It won't be long before I come knocking at your door. Ta ta, for now."