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A Story Item is one of the possible item rarities in Baldur's Gate 3, which denotes an item as holding some significance to a quest. A story item may be as simple as a door key or as important as a main quest objective. Most story items are also considered miscellaneous items.

Items marked with a are no longer available in the current version of the game.

List of story items[edit | edit source]

Weapons and armour[edit | edit source]

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Duergar AntidoteDuergar Antidote
Mithral OreMithral Ore
Iron FlaskIron Flask
File:Potion of Everlasting Vigor Item Icon.pngPotion of Everlasting Vigor

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Alexander's HandAlexander's Hand
Astral-Touched TadpoleAstral-Touched Tadpole
The Blade of Frontiers' EyeThe Blade of Frontiers' Eye
Battered LuteBattered Lute
Blooming Drow HeadBlooming Drow Head
Broken MoonlanternBroken Moonlantern
Clown's Severed ArmClown's Severed Arm
Clown's Severed FootClown's Severed Foot
Clown's Severed HandClown's Severed Hand
Clown's Severed HeadClown's Severed Head
Clown's Severed LegClown's Severed Leg
Clown's Severed PelvisClown's Severed Pelvis
Clown's Severed TorsoClown's Severed Torso
Coin of MammonCoin of Mammon
Dark AmethystDark Amethyst
Duke Stelmane's HandDuke Stelmane's Hand
Elaborate SlateElaborate Slate
Eldritch RuneEldritch Rune
Father Lorgan's HandFather Lorgan's Hand
Franc's HandFranc's Hand
Githyanki EggGithyanki Egg
Gortash's NetherstoneGortash's Netherstone
Infernal MarbleInfernal Marble
Jar of Mystic Carrion's BrainJar of Mystic Carrion's Brain
Jar of Mystic Carrion's HeartJar of Mystic Carrion's Heart
Jar of Mystic Carrion's LiverJar of Mystic Carrion's Liver
Jar of Mystic Carrion's LungsJar of Mystic Carrion's Lungs
Ketheric's NetherstoneKetheric's Netherstone
Lihala's LuteLihala's Lute
Lump's War HornLump's War Horn
Mind Flayer BrainMind Flayer Brain
Mind Flayer Parasite SpecimenMind Flayer Parasite Specimen
Mysterious ArtefactMysterious Artefact
Nere's HeadNere's Head
Orin's NetherstoneOrin's Netherstone
Qua'nith Psionic DetectorQua'nith Psionic Detector
Rune of the WolfRune of the Wolf
Sarin's SkullSarin's Skull
The Sovereign's KeyThe Sovereign's Key
Spider's LyreSpider's Lyre
Sussur BloomSussur Bloom
Sussur Tree BarkSussur Tree Bark
Triune NetherstoneTriune Netherstone
Umbral GemUmbral Gem

Containers[edit | edit source]

Alchemy PouchAlchemy Pouch
Camp Supply SackCamp Supply Sack
Hand BagHand Bag

Books and letters[edit | edit source]

A Study of the SlayerA Study of the Slayer
An Opportunity from the Society of BrillianceAn Opportunity from the Society of Brilliance
Balthazar Personal Notes: 2Balthazar Personal Notes: 2
File:Dirge of the Unholy Assassin Item Icon.pngDirge of the Unholy Assassin
Flora of the DalelandsFlora of the Dalelands
Flumph Mating RitualsFlumph Mating Rituals
Goblin's DrawingGoblin's Drawing
The Great Furnace of GrymforgeThe Great Furnace of Grymforge
Grey Scout's JournalGrey Scout's Journal
Hide-Bound JournalHide-Bound Journal
Highcliff's BlueprintsHighcliff's Blueprints
Highcliff's JournalHighcliff's Journal
In Search of the NightsongIn Search of the Nightsong
Kozakuran DictionaryKozakuran Dictionary
Lorroakan's ContractLorroakan's Contract
Map to Bhaal TempleMap to Bhaal Temple
Necromancy of ThayNecromancy of Thay
On AntidotesOn Antidotes
Scribbled NotesScribbled Notes
Shipment OrdersShipment Orders
Stamped HandbillStamped Handbill
Tattered ScrollTattered Scroll

Keys[edit | edit source]

Any Items that allow the player to 'Unlock' objects. Some of these are essential for the completion of certain quests. Many share the same name.

Abattoir KeyAbattoir Key
Antique KeyAntique Key
Bandit's KeyBandit's Key
Cabinet KeyCabinet Key
Cage KeyCage Key
Chamberlain's Private Room KeyChamberlain's Private Room Key
Charred KeyCharred Key
Dror Ragzlin's KeyDror Ragzlin's Key
Engraved KeyEngraved Key
Flowery KeyFlowery Key
Gold KeyGold Key
File:Grubby Key Item Icon.pngGrubby Key
File:Harper Key Item Icon.pngHarper Key
Heavy KeyHeavy Key
High Security Vault n°2 KeyHigh Security Vault n°2 Key
High Security Vault n°4 KeyHigh Security Vault n°4 Key
High Security Vault n°8 KeyHigh Security Vault n°8 Key
High Security Vault n°9 KeyHigh Security Vault n°9 Key
Infirmary Key (Crèche Y'llek)Infirmary Key (Crèche Y'llek)
File:Intricate Key Unfaded Icon.pngIntricate Key
Iron KeyIron Key
Key From Raphael's SafeKey From Raphael's Safe
Key to the Murder TribunalKey to the Murder Tribunal
File:Mechanical Key Unfaded Icon.pngMechanical Key
Old KeyOld Key
File:Ornate Key Unfaded Icon.pngOrnate Key
File:Pitted Key Item Icon.pngPitted Key
Priestess' KeyPriestess' Key
Prison KeyPrison Key
Ringmaster's KeyRingmaster's Key
Rusted KeyRusted Key
Selûnite KeySelûnite Key
Shiny KeyShiny Key
Storage KeyStorage Key
Sword Coast Couriers KeySword Coast Couriers Key
File:Suite Key Unfaded Icon.pngSuite Key
Tarnished Silver KeyTarnished Silver Key
Teahouse KeyTeahouse Key
File:Temple Trader's Key Unfaded Icon.pngTemple Trader's Key
Toll Collector's KeyToll Collector's Key
File:Torturer's Key Unfaded Icon.pngTorturer's Key
Tower-Shaped KeyTower-Shaped Key
File:Zhentarim Key Unfaded Icon.pngZhentarim Key
Zevlor's KeyZevlor's Key

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Story Item rarity does not necessarily mean that the item has a direct, practical use for any quest.
    • Conversely, some items that are quest critical are not of Story Item rarity.