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Bosun Gannet is a human who serves food and drinks in the Blushing Mermaid tavern in Lower City of Baldur's Gate. He is obviously a former sailor (probably a pirate) and partook in erstwhile crew of tavern's owner, Captain Grisly. Bosun Gannet also acts as a trader, selling various types of food and wine, and Supply Packs.


If yer here to complain' that the booze tastes like piss - I know. Anything else?
Bosun Gannet

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Bosun Gannet may be found at the bar counter inside the Blushing Mermaid (X: -145 Y: -100).

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

He is one of NPCs who advances Save Vanra quest, which is the logical follow-up for the Avenge the Hag Survivors quest.

Though Gannet can advance the Save Vanra quest, it is recommended to speak to NPC Lora.

When the party finds out the story about the kidnapped child, they can speak to Gannet to dig out some details. Bosun would tell the party that they are not the first ones who ask about the lost kid, little Vanra. The first one was the girl's mother, Lora, who may be found later at the Basilisk Gate Barracks hassling the Flaming Fist in charge. Gannet will also tell the party that Lora had been making a real racket about her missing daughter and eventually was thrown out of the tavern by its owner, Captain Grisly.

As the quest continues, Bosun Gannet will remember some things about what had been really happening in the tavern, after false Captain Grisly has begun to run the show there. The first point when he might be approached about the details is after true identity of 'Grisly' has been revealed, and the party defeated Tipplesome Patrons inside the tavern (Bosun himself and other tavern patrons won't take part in the battle until attacked or unintentionally damaged, f.e. by an AOE spell). However, he is obviously suffering from a memory-tampering charm and after spilling out a piece of secret will 'change his mind' and try to convince the party of that nothing unusual is happening around.

After Auntie Ethel in her hag form has been defeated, Gannet's reactions differ depending on whether real Captain Grisly survived or died.

  • If Captain Grisly survived, Bosun will tell the party that he regrets not being able to help and protect her, because all that had been happening was like being stuck in a fog. He will also welcome the party 'aboard', saying them they're part of Mermaid's crew now.
  • If Captain Grisly was killed when clearing The Blushing Mermaid - Basement, Gannet nonetheless won't put the blame on the party. He will be aware about the hag who had been nesting in the tavern, and sincerely mourn the death of his former captain. He will tell the party that he is running the tavern from now on, and that he welcomes the party there any time.

Whatever has happened to Grisly, if extending sympathy to her fate, Bosun Gannet will become their ally and henceforth will be outlined in green. However, if using only the 'trade' line after the quest has been finished, the bartender will remain neutral to the party.

After speaking with the party about the outcome of Save Vanra quest, the only possible interaction with Gannet is trade.

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