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Franc Peartree's body

Franc Peartree is a Baldur's Gate citizen. He was working as a cook in Basilisk Gate Barracks in Lower City. By the time party reaches Act Three locations, Peartree is already dead.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The corpse of Franc Peartree without a hand, can be found on the floor of Peartree House (main entrance X: 32 Y: -96). The only thing that can be looted from it is a threatening letter.

Franc Peartree is a victim of serial killer Dolor Dolor , who murders people in order to please Bhaal Bhaal , the God of Murder, and to become his Unholy assassin. Peartree's name can be found on a Bloodstained Parchment among other planned victims, marked Killed.

If spoken to with the Speak with Dead Speak with Dead spell, Peartree's corpse won't tell anything important, except from that he had been feeding the barracks' inhabitants and was impelled to retire after injury. Everything else concerning him and the possible causes of his murder may be found out while visiting the basement of his house.

Letters that can be found in the basement hint that Enver Gortash Enver Gortash contacted Peartree after his retiring and blackmailed him into his covert armsdealing, presumably due to Franc's multiple contacts among Flaming Fists of different ranks.

The threatening letter found on Peartree's body claims that the man was killed for helping the lordling. As it goes, this scornful moniker is used by Orin Orin the Red when speaking of Gortash.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A copy of threatening letter addressed to Franc Peartree can be found in the mailbox of the Rainforest's Home (house of another murder victim), - obviously a mistake.

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