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Sparky is a dog who can be found at Bloomridge Park in the Lower City.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Sparky will be excitedly running around park, just beyond the gate. If the player passes one of various checks, Sparky will return to the upper city. Otherwise they will continue running around the park. Helping Sparky and his owner results in them immediately leaving the area with no further interaction.

Without Speak with Animals Speak with Animals:

  • Animal Handling DC 25 - "Try to calm the overexcitable hound."

While using Speak with Animals Speak with Animals:

  • Deception DC 15 -Be careful - I heard dogs can only run one hundred times in their lives.
  • Persuasion DC 15 - Running will feel 'even' better tomorrow if you take a little break for the day.'#