Estra Stir

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Estra Stir is a character in the Lower City X: 121 Y: -67 in Act Three. She writes the gossip columns for the Baldur's Mouth Gazette.

If Gortash is alive, she will inform the party that they're the subject of the Baldur's Mouth Gazette's next issue - the juiciest one to date. Estra refuses to elaborate on what the piece intends to be about, nor hear any arguments about the party's consent to be written about. However, her statements start the quest Stop the Presses, to investigate Baldur's Mouth by speaking to the editor, Ettvard Needle.

If Gortash is dead she'll inform the player to read the Baldur's Mouth Gazette to learn the real story behind Gortash's death. If the quest Stop the Presses wasn't picked up yet, she will no longer start it.