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Dravo Flymm is a human who runs Flymm's Cobblers along with his wife, Sally Flymm. He is also the father of Enver Gortash. Dravo and Sally are available to trade with, selling a small selection of camp shoes.

History[edit | edit source]

Sally and Dravo Flymm inherited Flymm's Cobblers from family,[1] giving birth to and raising Enver Gortash in their small Lower City store. However, they struggled with Enver as a child, finding him demanding and troublesome. Parenthood also put a strain on their relationship, nearly driving them apart. [2]

While Enver was still a child, Sally and Dravo Flymm went into debt trying to keep their store afloat. [2] They borrowed from the Guild,[3] who later threatened them with death when they were unable to repay their loans. [2]

Raphael visited the Flymms, posing as a warlock and offering them coin in exchange for Enver's service.[2][3] They accepted the the deal, and Enver was taken to the House of Hope, where he became a pageboy in service of Raphael and Nubaldin.[4] He eventually escaped the House, and after establishing the cult of the Absolute, returned to his family to take revenge. Enver forced two illithid tadpoles into Sally and Dravo, using them to control their bodies and make them "powerless".[2]

Under the tadpole's compulsion, Sally and Dravo outwardly appeared as their son's greatest fans, and were used by Enver to assist in his efforts to control the city.[5] While Sally retained her mind beneath the compulsion, Dravo lost his completely, now no more than a puppet.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Dravo can be found with Sally at their store, proudly proclaiming it to be the family home of Enver Gortash, replete with a large painting of a young Gortash hung behind the counter. The player can use their tadpole to try to connect to his, however they will find that "it's as though the inner workings of his mind have been wiped clean".

If Dravo is killed, Speak with Dead can be used on him to discover that he was tadpolled by Gortash in revenge for selling him off to pay a debt to the Guild. He can also provide a hint for killing Gortash; to use his Steel Watchers against him.

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

Dravo can be spoken to with Speak with Dead.

Player: Who are you?

  • Dravo Flymm: Dravo Flymm... father of... Enver Flymm... Gortash..

Player: What was Gortash like as a child?

  • Dravo Flymm: Foolish... needy... wicked...
  • Dravo Flymm: Too much... trouble... needed money... sold him off...

Player: Does Gortash have any weaknesses I can use against him? (only if Gortash isn't dead)

  • Dravo Flymm: Clever boy... always... tinkering. Traps... mechanisms...
  • Dravo Flymm: Use his work... against him...
  • Dravo Flymm: Steel Watchers... are his... greatest weapon...

Player: Gortash is dead. (only if Gortash is dead)

  • Dravo Flymm: May... he... rot...

Player: Why did you sell your son?

  • Dravo Flymm: Heavy debts... no way to repay...
  • Dravo Flymm: Trouble... with Guild... warlock offered... good coin...

Loot[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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