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Fevrokis is a tiefling child found in the Brampton district of the Lower City. While in the city with his parents, Fevrokis followed a cat and became lost. When he managed to make his way back to his parents, he found them dead, murdered by an unknown assailant.


I'm scared. Why won't they get up? Why...

Involvement[edit | edit source]

A distraught Fevrokis is found under an arch near Felogyr's Fireworks, with two local thugs, Phelgro Dorph and Hari Nodles, standing nearby. The two are trying to console Fevrokis, while arguing with each other about what to do with him. Hari assumes responsibility, wanting to help Fevrokis, while Phelgro does not want to get involved for fear of repercussions.

Hari will consider taking temporary adoption of Fevrokis, until he can be better accommodated for. Phelgro will suggest taking him to the Flaming Fist, which Hari will rebuff, saying that the Fist will pin the murder on the two of them. He will suggest the Guild instead, but Phelgro will observe that they are too busy with everything that is currently happening in the city.

With no better options, Hari will soothe Fevrokis by offering to find someone to "help" his parents and then get him something to eat.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The vignette between Fevrokis, Hari and Phelgro will play out as ambient dialogue while in the area. However, the player can also speak to them for some one-liners. If Halsin is in the party, he will remark, "This city fails those who need its aid the most. No child should be abandoned like this."

Hari and Phelgro's reactions to the player will vary depending on how the quest Stop the Presses was resolved.