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Lady Jannath

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Lady Firellia Jannath is a Human NPC in Baldur's Gate 3.


Oskar, if you're still in there - listen to my voice! This is not you, please let me help you!
Jannath pleading to a possessed Oskar Fevras

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Lady Jannath is the fiancé of Oskar Fevras Oskar Fevras. She can be found at Lady Jannath's Estate in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate. If the party successfully rescued Oskar Fevras during Free the Artist Free the Artist in Act One, he will be possessed by a ghost in her bedroom, taunting Jannath and claiming that he only married her for her gold. Three Poltergeists will then appear and engage the party in combat. Once they are dealt with, Oskar falls unconscious and Jannath will recognize the party as Oskar's saviors from paintings he has made of them. She begs for help and explains that he hasn't been acting himself since the wedding, and she suspects it has something to do with his atelier since that's where he spent most of his time.

If the party agrees to help her they can discover and burn the possessed portrait in the atelier with the Torch of Revocation. Once they do so, the Echo of a Lost Love Echo of a Lost Love will be freed from it and run downstairs to terrorize Jannath and Oskar, leaving Jannath unconscious. The party must deal with the ghost either through dialogue checks, fighting, or letting it take Oskar. If Oskar survives the incident, Lady Jannath is incredibly thankful and will encourage them to go upstairs so that Oskar can paint them in his atelier.

If Oskar died during Act 1 or was never freed from the Zhentarim during Free the Artist Free the Artist, Lady Jannath will instead be hosting an art gallery and her mansion will not be haunted by any ghosts.

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