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Chef Roveer is a Baldur's Gate citizen. He is working at Elfsong tavern.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Involvement[edit | edit source]

Chef Roveer is walking back and forth in the kitchen of the Elfsong tavern. The party can enter the kitchen from the dining area X: 66 Y: 5 or come in through the back door X: 48 Y: 11).

When the party approaches him, he will mistake them for adventurers he hired to exterminate rats in the tavern's cellar. Whatever the player would answer in objection, Roveer will bring the conversation round to his own needs. At this point, the quest Roveer's Storehouse is triggered.

Ico knownSpells lvl 03.png Act 3 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Chef Roveer is one of the marked targets of the serial killer Dolor, who tries to please Bhaal, the God of Death, in order to become his Unholy assassin. When the party reaches Act Three locations, he is still alive. His name is included in the list on the Bloodstained Parchment alongside Cora Highberry, Nesha Leesha, and Figaro Pennygood (other living victims).

If the player tells Chef Roveer that his name is on the serial killer's list, he will take it carelessly until his rat problem is solved.

After Roveer's pest problem is taken care of, he will promise to keep eyes peeled about any serial killers approaching him.

The player may attack Chef Roveer to become an Unholy assassin themselves. This will turn all the tavern personnel and clients temporarily hostile. These NPCs will remain neutral unless attacked.

Once he is dead, Chef Roveer can be looted for the quest item Roveer's Hand, which may be used later in the Impress the Murder Tribunal quest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Roveer's cats, Tambourine and Zambomba, will treat the party as servants (alike all other tavern personnel) and, if spoken under Speak with Animals spell, ask them to kill the rats, too.
  • Roveer is a reference to Reevor from Baldur's Gate 1. His quest Roveer's Storehouse is a reference to Reevor's Storheouse in which the party is hired to exterminate rats.